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How to measure your PD


Can't find your PD within your prescription? You can easily measure it with our print-out tool.

Just a few steps, just a few minutes:

  1. Print the tool on a standard 8.5/11 letter-format page or on your cellphone or tablet
  2. Make sure the dimensions are right by placing a credit card or ID over the designated area
  3. Fold the ruler where prescribed or drag the ruler to the edge of your cellphone/tablet
  4. Stand about 20cm (8in) in front of a miror and place the ruler over your eyes, right in front of your forehead
  5. Close your right eye and align the ruler's zero with the center of your left pupil
  6. Open your right eye, close your left eye and note the reading right in front of your right pupil. This is your PD
  7. Repeat a few times (2-3) to confirm the value's exactitude